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✓ Your child will only fall asleep when nursing or bottle feeding.
✓ Your child needs a pacifier in order to fall asleep.
✓ You are waking up with your child once, twice, three or more times each night.
✓ Your child needs to be rocked, bounced or taken for a car ride in order to nap.
✓ Your child is refusing to take naps.
✓ Your own lack of sleep is starting to take a toll on you and your family.
✓ Our certified sleep consultant is here to help!

We are here to help!

Having trouble putting your child to sleep? Don’t worry! It happens to everyone.

Blissful Dreamer is here to provide you with the support you need when it comes to sleep training and conditioning. We offer a holistic approach and develop a dream plan that is suitable for YOUR family. Our goal is to restore peace and balance back in your household by fostering healthy sleeping habits.​​

Ready for a blissful night's sleep?

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Blissful Dreamer offers several sleep bundles for you to choose from, depending on your family’s needs. To see how we can help you and your family sleep better each and every night, click the link below!

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Meet Gloria!

My name is Gloria. I’m a wife, mother of 4, a Certified life coach, a Certified Sleep Consultant, Certified Newborn Care Specialist and the founder of Blissful Dreamer.

After the birth of my first child in 2007, the biggest challenge for me as a mommy was getting enough sleep –for my newborn, myself and the rest of my family. I felt lost, tired and I didn’t like the mom and person I was becoming. Sleep deprivation was really affecting me. I knew I needed to do something, but I didn’t know where to start. I couldn’t have been more confused about what to do!

I began using gentle and loving sleep habits with my baby. Once he started to sleep better, I was amazed by the transformation and how it impacted all of us. I was able to be the mom, the wife and the person I wanted to be again. This experience made me realize that I would like to be a positive help for other tired parents, and I knew that there was a lot more for me to learn. So, I furthered my education by becoming a Certified Sleep Consultant.

I absolutely love my job, and with having 15 years of experience I feel honored and  privileged to be invited into the homes and lives of each family that works with me! I get the opportunity to share my knowledge, experience, and expertise with them. Accompanying them along the way and seeing how sleeping again transforms their lives is very rewarding!

Dear tired parents, healthy sleep behaviors are vital for the well-being of your family. I’d love to partner with you during these sleepless moments to create personalized solutions for your family. I believe that parents, and their children, should not suffer months (or worse, years) of sleep deprivation.

I look forward to helping your family become Blissful Dreamers again!


Our Philosophy

All children are different, but they can all learn new skills. Especially when it comes to sleep. Some babies/children learn easily. But others need a little more help when it comes to mastering the art of falling asleep unaided. I have learnt different successful sleep training methods over the years, and from using my experience it’s important that we together choose the right one for you and your family. Not one method fits all!

I will work with you to set and achieve realistic goals and expectations. So, whatever they may be, I will certainly guide you on your journey to success. Whether it's getting your child to sleep in their own bed or teaching your child to settle without being fed or rocked to sleep. Maybe you're desperate for your child to sleep through the night? So, by giving you the right tools and the motivation you need, I will be with you every step of the way to success!

A well-rested child means your child can grow and develop. And more importantly makes a happier child (and parents of course!)

What Our Clients Are Saying...

The Donlon Family
The Donlon FamilySleep Training Client
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"We were more than thrilled with Blissful Dreamer! Gloria helped us with sleep training our 15 month old. After developing a sleep plan with Gloria that was tailored just for our baby girl- our 15 month old is sleeping 12 hrs each night, and we finally have our life and nights back!!!!! We have to admit at one point we didn't follow the suggested plan because we didn't see as much progress as we would have liked to see, and we suffered greatly. Gloria reminded us that it was going to be a process and to be consistent and things would fall into place. She was super encouraging and supportive with all aspects of sleep training. We would recommend Gloria and Blissful Dreamer to anyone who needs help with getting their child to sleep and SLEEP WELL!!!!"
The Newman Family
The Newman FamilySleep Training Client
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"We got practical, concrete advice from Gloria at a time when we were totally sleep deprived, emotional, and unable to approach our situation rationally. She was extremely responsive to us while we were sleep coaching our son, including answering emails and phone calls while on vacation. Her instructions and encouragement helped us overcome our worries, be consistent, and achieve a successful outcome. Highly worthwhile for any new parent struggling with sleep!"
The Swiker Family
The Swiker FamilySleep Training Client
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"Gloria has been a huge help in getting our son to sleep through the night. Her advice and suggestions have made a dramatic difference/improvement in both his and our sleeping. She gave us the confidence and encouragement (supported by her knowledge/experience and data) to make some necessary changes in our routine. We recommend her very highly!!"
The Ashbey Family
The Ashbey FamilySleep Training Client
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“Gloria is amazing! Thanks to her I now have a 5-month-old who naps! I want to slap myself because I can't believe I've been missing out on the magic of nap time! I read a book today. And not a book about sleep training or parenting or one made from cardboard. I read a regular book with paper pages and no pictures. Yesterday, I took a 25-minute shower. Oh, the magic of naptime.”
The Ostrega Family
The Ostrega FamilySleep Training Client
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“Blissful Dreamer is a complete lifesaver! Gloria met with my husband and I and listened to us as we described our situation. From there, she put together a customized sleep plan unique to our son. Her plan was perfect, and Owen immediately began sleeping through the night and sleeping in his crib, which is literally life changing! We can't thank Gloria enough for all support initially and the continued support as we had questions in the following weeks. I wish we would have worked with Gloria sooner. She gets it and she genuinely cares– I would recommend her services to everyone!“
The Cromie Family
The Cromie FamilySleep Training Client
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“At 7 months old, our daughter was still waking up all night long every 45 to 90 minutes. We were complete zombies and on the verge of losing our minds. Then Gloria came to the rescue. Gloria has a very kind and approachable manner. She makes you feel confident that you can do it (you can! - if my husband I can do it, anyone can.) She was quick and responsive to all of our concerns along the way, even suggesting tweaks and changes to our plan as needed. That is where her experience really showed. When our daughter wasn't responding to the methods right away, Gloria suggested that maybe there were other underlining issues. She recommended that we speak to our daughter's pediatrician about the possibility of silent reflux. A few days later, armed with reflux meds, we were back at it. Miraculously, our daughter began sleeping! I can't say how relieved and happy we feel now. It's as if we have our lives and our minds back. I cannot say enough great things about working with Blissful Dreamer. It's the best investment we’ve ever made.”
The Mazur Family
The Mazur FamilySleep Training Client
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“You've changed our lives! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We appreciate all you did for us. Your sensitivity and compassion for us as individuals was impeccable an impressionable. I recommend Blissful Dreamer to everyone I know.”
The Davis Family
The Davis FamilyNewborn Care Client
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“Gloria spent the day (12hrs) with me and my 6-week-old Leela. I had a million questions and Gloria answered them all and demonstrated how to properly swaddle, soothe, burp, and discussed how to read Leela’s sleepy cues. I feel more confident in being a new mom because of Gloria. Thank you for being there for us!”
The Wendt Family
The Wendt FamilyNewborn Care & Sleep Training Client
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“I cannot say enough how amazing Gloria has been for us! My husband and I are first time parents and spent the first 7 weeks of our little boy’s life surviving. He wouldn’t nap during the day, breast fed non-stop and woke multiple times at night in his bassinet even though he was swaddled. Gloria entered our lives and helped us develop a schedule that worked for us. She showed us a new way to swaddle and empowered us to let him sleep in his crib (for the first time ever). Our little one did amazing with the schedule and when we would have a hiccup, Gloria was literally on call. I could email my questions and get a very quick and detailed response! We are thankful for her help and advice.”
The Yetter Family
The Yetter FamilyNewborn Care Client
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“Gloria is amazing! She is incredibly patient and answered all my questions. She is extremely thorough, and my son adored her. I was confident he was in good hands as soon as she stepped in the door. She demonstrated the proper techniques to care for my son and then helped us practice. I highly recommend her services!!”
The Barnett Family
The Barnett FamilySleep Training Client
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“Gloria gave us the gift of sleep, which lead to a happy baby and a balanced home. We found her when our son was four months old and despite reading a zillion books, blogs, and emails from friends, we had no strategy for managing our overtired son. Our son has slept through the night every night (including out of town trips, during thunderstorms, and even while sick) since the second night we worked with Gloria. Gloria is wonderful! Her support and guidance through teaching our son how to sleep was so comforting and reassuring. Her approach is direct, confident and very patient. We recommend her to everyone!”
The LaPierre Family
The LaPierre FamilySleep Training Client
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“We worked with Gloria on getting our infant twins to sleep through the night in their own cribs. When we started, the twins were nursing to sleep and co-sleeping at 8 months old. We were exhausted from 8-10 wake ups to nurse every single night. We knew that we had many habits to change before we could reach our end goal. Gloria gave us a comprehensive sleep plan that addressed everything in stages to make the changes more palatable for both the babies and for us. We did not want a drastic method that would be traumatic for all of us. Gloria was truly our coach throughout the process. She was quick to answer texts and even got on an urgent call with us on a Saturday night when we were having a particularly difficult time. Having her to reassure us that we were doing the right thing was invaluable and gave us the confidence to continue and complete the process. It wasn't a quick fix, but both twins now sleep 10+ hours per night in their own cribs and we couldn't be happier!”
The McKenna Family
The McKenna FamilySleep Training Client
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“Gloria was a light at the end of the tunnel. For months my daughter would not sleep unless we rocked her, and then held her. Netflix was my best friend, and I found myself binge watching shows sitting on the couch with her in my arms just to get a nap. We typically had at least 4-5 night awakenings, and sometimes I was up with her for an hour or more at a time. Our pediatrician referred us to Gloria and she changed our lives. Gloria is such a pleasure to work with. She is kind, extremely knowledgeable, and very understanding. She has a gentle but realistic approach, she will explain all the pros and cons of the situation and let you decide what works best for your family. She is not pushy or demanding and works within your comfort zone. Her strategy is tailored to you and your child, no cookie cutter packages here. We chose to do the private sessions with Gloria, we had her over to our home for the initial consult and then she put together a plan tailored to our specific situation. Within a week's time we had transitioned our little one from our room to her crib, she was falling asleep on her own and only waking once at night to nurse (my choice to keep the one night feeding). Bedtime used to be so stressful, but it is such a sweet occasion for us now. We have our routine: bath, massage, nurse, book and then we lay her down in her crib. And she falls asleep on her own! It's seriously amazing. I cannot recommend Gloria ( Blissful Dreamer) enough. She is such a wonderful resource for families and her services are a worthy investment.”

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